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A Support Group For Supernatural Addicts
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Who We Are

spn_support is a group for all fans of Supernatural, the best show on earth.

You know it is: you plan your weeks around Thursdays, you drool over pictures of the boys online, you read fanfiction... anything to get your fix. And sometimes you need your fellow SPN buddies to help you out, too.

If you have ever said "GOD, I wish it was Thursday night already!" or some variation thereof, you belong here. If you relate to at least one of the Ways You Know You Are A Supernatural Addict, you belong here.

If you can barely make it through the week without SOME FORM of Supernatural, no matter what your poison, TELL US ABOUT IT. WE UNDERSTAND.

A Few Simple Rules

1. The first rule of SPN Support is you DEFINITELY TALK ABOUT SPN Support.

2. THE SECOND RULE OF SPN SUPPORT IS YOU DEFINITELY TALK ABOUT SPN. (Or picspam, or ramble, or post youtube clips you found... almost anything goes.)

3. Put all large graphics and spoilers for the most recent episode behind an LJ cut. Assume you're good for seasons 1, 2, and 3. Give the season 4 eps a few weeks to be out before you talk about 'em without spoiler warnings. REMEMBER, LJ-CUTS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. If you don't know how to do them, just ask.

4. Do not flame our members. We are here for support, to help each other through withdrawal. Plus that's just not cool.

5. Have fun! We're all going to hell, after all... we might as well enjoy the ride. With pretty boys to accompany us.

6. We are not currently taking requests for affiliation, nor do we want you to advertise your community in spn_support, so please do not ask. If the mods of spn_support find a Supernatural community that we like, we might request affiliation.



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